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River Campbell - Tucson
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My Testimonials

I am dedicated to providing the highest level of service and real estate assistance. Here is just a small sample of what my clients have had to say.

Rebecca - Thank you for the superb job you accomplished in selling our house. Your attention to every detail, careful explanations of procedures we didn't understand, attention to proper handling of unexpected "glitches", and being there with us through all the final happenings, all make you our "Super Woman of Real Estate".
Barrett and Nancy Behnke

We highly recommend Rebecca Gorrell to anyone shopping for a home in Tucson. As buyers who wanted a home on a very large lot in Central Tucson, our search was inherently challenging. Listings in our desired neighborhoods were few and far between and frequently flew off the market at above listing price (and over our budget). Rebecca brilliantly and aggressively helped us navigate this niche market, even insisting on delaying her own vacation at one point when a promising listing came up. Rebecca was loyal and determined as a negotiator, yet patient and low-pressure when it came to giving us ample time and space to make our decisions. Thanks to Rebecca, we are now happily settled into our wonderful home!
The Heubergers

When my husband and I began thinking about selling our home, we were so overwhelmed by the whole process, it almost made us throw in the towel. On top of that we had pressure to sell our home quickly to place on offer on our 'dream" home, which just happened to be a Short Sale. If you know anything about Short Sales then you know they aren't a walk in the park. In fact, most agents try to deter you from them because they can be such a hassle. Fortunately we found Rebecca who understood our dream and gave us the courage to move forward with our decision! We got really lucky and received a full priced offer after one day of our home being on the market! But the hard part was yet to come. We didn't know it at the time, but it would take 3 whole months of renting vacation rental homes before we finally got our dream home! And that's with a family of five! Thank goodness for Rebecca, she was attentive, thorough and so supportive through the whole process! There were times when it got really tough and we just told her we couldn't do, but she had the insight and knowledge to give us the boost we needed to carry us to the end. And now we're over the moon happy with our beautiful home! I'm so glad she didn't let us give up! I would highly recommend Rebecca Gorrell!
Steve and Nobie Eggleton

Rebecca Gorrell is highly skilled in her profession. She did a excellentjob of walking us through the steps of selling our propertysuccessfully.
Selling or Buying property can be overwhelming, however, Ms. Gorrellmeticulously guided us through it all. She did extensive research, keptin touch often, and gave us updated info which assisted us in makingbetter decisions. The opportunity of meeting Rebecca left us knowing heras a detailed, respectful, and an inspiring individual! ThanksRebecca!
Will and Laura Taylor

Rebecca is a wonderful example of an efficient professional with genuinepeople skills. She helped me in a warm friendly manner through everystep of the way during my real estate experience. First we talked ideasfor location and price range. We started looking on the other side oftown, then when I realized I felt more comfortable in the area where Iwas renting, we started anew. That did not seem to bother Rebecca eventhough Saddlebrooke is way outside her usual stomping ground. Thehouse, found Rebecca went through every document with me to make sure Iunderstood before I signed. She helped me get a home inspection, a pestinspection, house insurance, deed, and a moving company. She gave mephone numbers for the various utility companies I would need to call andthe next door neighbour who had been "keeping an eye on thehouse" .
If you find a real estate agent like Rebecca you are fortunate - but believe me there are not many around!
Barbara Effer

Rebecca is a consummate professional with a no pressure demeanor. Shemade a complicated process seem easy and worry free with thoroughness,transparency, and integrity throughout the transaction. We highly recommend her abilities.
Alexis Holler

There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Rebecca Gorrell and her outstanding professionalism and commitment to finding my family our dream home. I have worked with numerous real estate agents over the years have found few that go beyond the call of duty the way Rebecca does. I was impressed at day one by her personable demeanor and knowledge of the Tucson housing market.

Rebecca’s finesse and patience in helping my spouse and I to define what we were looking for in a home was invaluable. She skillfully had us take an honest and diligent look at our lives finances etc. Guiding us in the important process of clarifying between wants and needs before we ever went out starting looking at homes. She reminded us that buying home is one of the most important decisions one can make in a lifetime and her job was to eliminate as much of the stress in the process as possible.

Rebecca’s commitment to service is unsurpassed. She went above and beyond when it came to showing us properties. She has the patience/flexibility of a saint given how many homes we wanted to see. Her eye for detail and due diligence in researching every prospective property was always impressive.

Every step of the process of finding our dream home in the Beautiful foothills of Tucson was a delight with Rebecca at the helm. I would be amiss not to mention the great financial advising team of Tony Poe that she recommended to secure the financing. From walking me thru the new home buying jitters, to showing, to financing, She was there!!

Most importantly under that friendly demeanor Rebecca is strong and competent negotiator. She got us a great deal on our new home. There is only one Real estate agent I refer to my friend and Family in Tucson: REBECCA GORRELL

Dr. Tim Frank

Working with Rebecca Gorrell has been a pure pleasure. She effortlessly made our long-distance search and purchase of a Tucson house a very positive experience. She handled everything professionally and timely, even going above the call of duty on numerous occasions to ease the complexities of buying a house from a far. In addition to her clear professional skills, Rebecca is kind, warmhearted, and genuinely cares for the best of her clients. Her service is exceptional, and we highly recommend her!
Randy and Kim Hermes

My Husband and I closed on a property in Marana last month. Rebecca Gorrell was our agent. She was confident, yet not pushy. She had a wonderful demeanor.

In April we found a house that we thought was right. We made an offer and Rebecca was a true pro in negotiating our price. After earnest money etc, a long story short we pulled out of the deal. This was a difficult decision, but my father was within weeks of his death. Rebecca was very supportive during my father's final days and there after.

Rebecca could have dropped us as clients at that point. Yet she stuck with us.

Rebecca never gave up. She kept our portal updated and stayed in continuous touch without being over bearing. Not once did we see dollar signs in her eyes. Because she kept our portal up to date, we finally found the perfect home.

Rebecca is one of the most hard working people I have ever known. She went above and beyond her call. She was professional and at the same time took a firm stance with urgency as she worked through our deal to get it to the finish line. I can assure you, whatever her commission was, it was not enough because of the time she has spent with us

Rebecca is not the first Realtor I have done business with over the years; however she is the best in the business. I will recommend her to anyone.
Thank You Rebecca!!!!!!!!
Shelly and Mike Bunker

I must compliment you on the excellent performance of one of your staff: Rebecca Gorrell.

I live in Georgia and was appointed in February 2011 as personal representative of my aunt, Donata M. Kostreba's estate which included her home at 4708 E 9 St Tucson.
Rebecca recognized the difficulty of selling a home when you are located thousands of miles away.
She dedicated herself to assuming most of the responsibility in negotiating the sale and the many repairs that were required to satisfy the buyers and their bankers.
Notwithstanding the sale took place during one of the most difficult housing downturns in our country's history,she plugged away using every means available to her to get the house sold.

She was recommended by the attorney handling the estate. I am pleased to have selected Long Realty and in particular, Rebecca Gorrell.

Charles Peragine


Rebecca Gorrell assisted us in finding two nice homes for rental properties.
Obedience: Rebecca showed us many homes in our price range and central locations in Tucson.
Loyalty: We appreciated her concerns for our requests.
Disclosure: All transactions and information were in a timely manner and professionally executed. She kept us up to date by e-mail and telephone.
Confidentiality: Yes.
Accounting: All accounting and information on and about the property was handled in a timely manner.
Reasonable care and diligence: We were advised concerning the home inspection, the building codes, utilities, and given names of experts that we could contact if we needed.
Sincerely. Janet and Anton L. Zeger


I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did in getting my house sold for me. I couldn't have chosen a better person for the job. Not just in the business way you operate, but the patience, compassion and empathy that you showed me in this very hard time for me. Bob's death really sent me to a bad place, but you were so understanding and patient with me. I will always appreciate that. Also, the time you took to help clean up the yard was way beyond your duty, but done in kindness. You always have a smile on your face and a forward way of looking at things, that is so positive. I am very happy to have had you as my realtor and then, as a friend. I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know that is interested in buying or selling. They couldn't find a better person to place their trust in.
Thanks again, Joan St.Onge-Meder

We highly recommend Rebecca Gorrell of Long Realty. She is the perfect realtor: knowledgeable, helpful, available and smart. She helped with every aspect of our search and had so much useful advice and information. Our search was painless and we found a house that is perfect for us in record time. This was our easiest home search ever. We couldn’t be more satisfied.
Catherine and Jon Ringen

Rebecca went out of her way to make my purchase an easy process. I handled this purchase from out of town and Rebecca coordinated, consulted, and personally completed many tasks not typically considered an agent's role. I highly recommend her services for any first time or seasoned home buyer.
Brian Ceccon

Rebecca-We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for us personally and for our daughter, Kim, over the past year. First you spent innumerable hours with all of us last fall to find a wonderful home for Kim and our grandson, Reed. After that you spent even more time with us, showing us home after home over many months of us coming back and forth to Tucson. After looking over the many homes for sale in the north eastern area of Tucson we finally decided that we did not want to purchase an existing house but to build our own.

After an exhausting land search orchestrated by you, both Fran and I want to thank you so very much for the incredible job you did finding the perfect piece of property on which to build our “dream home”. We know this was not an easy task in that we wanted to find something in a particular area and at the same time at a good price. Thanks to your tenacity we now own that perfect piece of property. You even found an architect for us, once you understood the type of home we wanted to build which is not the typical “adobe style” architecture ubiquitous to Tucson and the southwest in general.

You are our Tucson real estate super hero! Thank you again for all your hard work. We can now look forward to building our dream home, where we can escape the terrible Midwest winters. We wish you lived in Cincinnati so you could help us sell our residence there!
Jim and Fran Allen

Rebecca helped us through out the whole process of purchasing our first home.

First of all Rebecca, at our request, showed us the same house (the one we ended up buying) several times before we even made an offer.

Then she called to Inform and encourage us to submit our offer even through we felt our offer wouldn't be accepted by the seller.

When our offer was accepted, Rebecca walked us through the written purchase contract line by line so we understood what we were signing.

She "showed up" by communicating each important phase of the purchase process via email, text and phone - which was a great relief.

We admire Rebecca's ability to create the best home buying experience and highly recommend her.
Two Happy Sisters